Blog 45

Pest control in Campbelltown, and throughout Australia, continues to change. As our planet gets more and more developed, populations of wildlife have shifted right alongside of us. One of the more extreme examples of this taking place is visible in the Australian outback, where one of the world’s only populations of wild camels roam.

Camels were initially introduced as a method of transportation. Released upon the landscape once their services were no longer required, camels have colonised much of the arid land here. Very few animals have the ability to operate in areas as dry as outback Australia, where the oppressive heat and lack of water has defeated many a colonising attempt. Some areas of the Gibson and Great Sandy Desert might receive significant rainfall only once every ten years. It takes a specialised breed of animal to survive.

However, as well-suited as they are, camels cause considerable damage to endemic plant and animal species. They can damage and foul water holes, essential to all species in times of extreme drought. They devour any and all plant species, including rare domestic species that aren’t found anywhere else. And they can displace native species of animals.

Pest removal experts here have put in to action a population control method, involving sales, roundups, and simply destroying the animals. They have managed so far to keep this problem somewhat confined to the depths of the outback. However, it is essential that pest management systems are maintained, to protect our local flora and fauna.

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