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Terms of Use



Service Agreement: RIP Pest Management offers to provide pest services to the property as listed overleaf subject to the terms and conditions and specifications otherwise supplied from RIP Pest Management. This service agreement is solely between RIP Pest Management and the customer, who indemnifies RIP Pest Management against any liability or action against RIP Pest Management by a third party as a result of these services.

The customer or signatory hereto or recipient of this Service Agreement acknowledges he/she has read, fully understand and agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein. If this Service Agreement is not signed personally by the Customer, the signatory or recipient of this Service Agreement warrants he/she has the Customer’s full authority to accept the service offer and terms and conditions on the Customer’s behalf.


Free Service Period: RIP Pest Management shall during the free service period listed, carry out at no additional charge, any such re-treatments considered necessary by RIP Pest Management to any continuing infestation by the specified target pests, excepting where such infestation is likely caused by the actions of the inhabitants or visitors to the property or any pest infested animals, plants or material introduced or kept within the property. The free service period shall not apply unless all such monies for provision of the service are paid within seven (7) days of the service date. Where RIP Pest Management is requested by the Customer for such treatment (during the free service period), and the premises do not exhibit evidence of an infestation by specified pests, then RIP Pest Management may charge an additional service fee for such attendance.


Property Damage: Should the specified pest infestation continue or re-occur, damage may be caused, however, it is agreed by the Customer that RIP Pest Management shall not be liable for such damage or any replacements necessary as a result of the infestation but RIP Pest Management is responsible only for carrying out of a re-treatment for the specified target pests during the free service period.

RIP Pest Management shall not be held responsible should staining occur as a result of application of pest control materials, sprays, liquids or dusts by RIP Pest Management. Every care will be exercised by the employees of RIP Pest Management in completing any service required but no responsibility will be accepted for any damage that may be caused in carrying out such work.


Access: The Customer shall ensure RIP Pest Management has full access to any areas of the property and if access is restricted or prevented, RIP Pest Management shall be entitled to impose an additional charge.


Service Price: RIP Pest Management reserves the right to vary any quotation price provided such variation occurs prior to the service date. Unless special arrangements have been made in writing, the full contract price shall be due and payable and recoverable by RIP Pest Management on completion of the service specified.