Termite or white ants

While it doesn’t get nearly the emotional reaction of its more residential neighbours, pest management is an absolutely vital element to your industrial property in Smeaton Grange. Storage facilities require cleanliness just as much as the products’ eventual home, and regulations on hygiene are very strict. Meanwhile, the structural havoc wrought by certain pests can bring its own set of headaches to any structure.

As Smeaton Grange’s finest pest managers, we have come to recognise the great variety of pests impacting upon this fine suburb. Apart from the ubiquitous rodents, who follow any food source, they have been joined by the other members of this particular club. Primarily, insect infestations have been on the rise here, as they have across eastern New South Wales.

Another, and more pressing invasive species which could well require pest management in Smeaton Grange are termites. These wood-consuming ants burrow in areas surrounded wood structures, and their insatiable appetites and huge numbers pose a considerable threat to the integrity of many structures. Sydney is under particular threat from these pests, with a recent trend of them invading many areas previously uninhabited. It is for this reason that RIP Pest Control now offer home surveys for potential buyers.

If you operate in Smeaton Grange, your property and its well-being constitutes a considerable investment on your part. Ensure the safety of your investment by engaging the finest in the business at RIP Pest Control.