Pest Control in Campbelltown

While the dingo has been a part of the fauna in Australia for thousands of years, recent events have meant they are not the only member of the canid family to inhabit our island. Wild dogs, escapees from domestic stock, have taken up residence in a number of areas of New South Wales, and have caused a number of problems, by harassing local wildlife and killing livestock.

These dog packs are completely feral, and bear no resemblance to our furry companions at home. They have instinctively created one of the most lethal hunting cooperatives anywhere, in the style of the wolf pack. Of late, they have been causing considerably damage.

As a result, a baiting program has been put together to effect pest control for outlying areas of Sydney and Campbelltown. This program has seen some success in test areas near the Queensland border; however, wildlife officials had to determine the best method of distributing the bait near the dog packs, without spooking them. They came across a unique solution.

While we may only see drones in their military or photography applications, these unmanned aircraft are seeing more and more use. Their light weight allows them to be operated quietly and discreetly, and importantly, far more cheaply than manned aircraft. Apart from distributing the bait with accuracy to the pack, these drones will be able to allow researchers to monitor and track wildlife populations across large distances, aiding them considerably in their research. Pest control, throughout Sydney and Campbelltown, can benefit from such innovations as these.