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Cockroach Pest Control Services You Can Count On

Cockroaches are some of the filthiest bugs on the planet. They breed at a rapid pace, and infestation can get out of control very quickly. They can also carry health risks due to the unsanitary conditions they cause. If you live in Campbelltown, Sydney, Camden, or the surrounding areas, RIP Integrated Pest Management Services can help. We have been in business for more than 15 years, and we have an extensive amount of knowledge on the best techniques in the industry for cockroach pest control. We can rid your home of cockroaches efficiently, effectively, and affordably. The following are the basic characteristics of cockroach species.

Characteristics of Cockroaches

Australian Cockroaches

  • Reddish Brown in Colour With Yellow Strips On Their Front Wing Edges
  • Live and Thrive in Hot, Humid Areas Where Food is Plentiful
  • Body Length of 35mm
  • Vegetarian Diet
  • Incubation Period of 40 Days Once the Eggs Are Laid
  • Most Commonly Found in Australia but Found in Other Parts of the World As Well
  • Commonly Found Near Pet Feeding Areas and Food Waste Areas

German Cockroaches

  • Light Brown in Colour with Dual Dark Stripes on the Back of the Head
  • Live and Infest in Alaska and in Areas Where Hot, Humid Heat is Present
  • Measure Approximately ½ Inch in Body Length
  • Commonly Found in Food Processing Plants, Apartments, Restaurants, Homes, Supermarkets, and Warehouses
  • Must Be Near Humans to Thrive
  • Most Common Species to be Transported
  • Hide During the Daytime In Kitchens, Bathrooms, Behind Walls, and In Tight Secure Places
  • Most Productive Breeding Species with 45 Day Period from Egg to Adult

American Cockroaches

  • Largest Species of Cockroach with a Body Length of Around 5cm
  • Reddish Brown Colouring with a Single Yellow Band on the Back of the Head
  • Feeds on Both Animal and Plant Materials
  • Prefers Hiding Through the Day and Coming Out at Night
  • Thrives in Areas Where Temperatures are Above 25°C
  • Incubation Period of 6-8 Weeks
  • Prolific Breeders

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