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The early 2000s were not an easy time for the Australian agricultural community. The elements were wreaking havoc on farming areas, with many experiencing little to no rain for the better part of a decade. But the lack of precipitation was not the only issue affecting these sons of the soil. A lethal combination of […]

The smaller creatures of the world are often hard to see let alone identify. Ants and termites have this problem and are often mistaken for one another. Termites are frequently called white ants in Australia, but this is a misnomer that biologists and those involved in the termite control industry would take issue with. In […]

The great damage that termites can wreak on property is fairly common knowledge amongst Australians. After all, one in four houses across the country will be ravaged by the pests at some stage, so many of us know firsthand why termite control in Sydney is so important. What isn’t so well understood is the more […]

It may make many of us here in NSW squeamish, but many millions of people around the world eat insects. In some countries, the little critters account for significant proportions of the nutritional intake of people. A range of experts in various fields, from science to agriculture, hospitality to environmental studies, predict that bugs will […]

There are millions of animal and insect species. Most prefer to avoid human contact at all costs and inhabit environments that minimise such interactions. Others, however, thrive in human environments and they seek to move into populated areas, often in huge numbers. In such circumstances, pest control in Sydney is the only safe and effective […]

The property craze in and around Sydney has been well documented over recent years, particularly in the last few months. People are buying and selling houses at an unprecedented rate and at unprecedented prices. Amongst all the chaos, it is vital that potential buyers have detailed knowledge regarding the state of the property they wish […]

The days are short and the nights are cold. Winter has started with a vengeance and warmth is on everyone’s mind. Rodents are also on the lookout for new nesting sites. Ideally they want warm, dry conditions and the obvious answer is: your house. Rat control in Sydney is a significant issue for many property […]

When we think about successful species in the animal kingdom, we don’t often think of termites, but they are actually masters of their domain. Unfortunately, their domain is frequently in Sydney houses and what they are best at doing, is indiscriminately eating wooden surfaces and breeding. Some 400 termite species around the world are classed […]

In previous blogs we’ve discussed the winter dangers and habits of specific pests, such as rodents and termites. We can also give you some more general advice that will make your house less attractive to the full range of pests this winter. Here is the RIP winter checklist to help you maximise your pest control […]

Winter is a time during which we like to spend as much time as possible wrapped up, warm and well fed. Termites are similar in this regard and, while they are particularly active in the summer period, they can still wreak havoc over the winter months and anyone concerned with termite control in Sydney needs […]

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